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Teaser track from “Caffeine & Nicotine” featuring Dan Navarro on harmony vocal.

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David Glaser is a celebrated singer songwriter and instrumentalist based in Maryland USA. David's musical endeavors include recording and performing as a solo artist, recording and touring with other artists and bands, teaching guitar and mandolin, and mentoring writers and performers of all ages on their own musical journeys. You may have seen David play at a house concert, a folk festival, a local bar, or busking on a street corner. Wherever he plays he puts his entire being into the music and delivers the song with passion and conviction. Learn more about David HERE, or get David's music HERE. Visit David on FACEBOOK.


David's recent hernia surgery went perfectly and he is healing quickly with expectation of a full recovery. After living with this painful condition for several months he is understandably happy to have gone through the procedure with such a happy result. Although David has health insurance there is still an obligation for a hefty hospital co-pay and even heftier deductible. Along with nearly a whole month out of work, these expenses can be financially devastating for an independent artist. Some of David's dearest musical friends have decided to throw a benefit show to help with these expenses and have dubbed the event "HerniAid". The event happens on Monday Aug 10 at 7:30pm EST, LIVE in Columbia, MD, and simulcast LIVE on CONCERT WINDOW. To find out how you can help, click HERE. Thank YOU for your SUPPORT!

Scheduled Shows:

No shows scheduled for this week as David recovers from hernia surgery. Check this space for weekly updates! Upcoming shows in August 2015 include Maryland and Virginia shows with Dan Navarro, and the HerniAid benefit show featuring Bob Sima, Stephanie Corby, David Glaser, and A SUPER SECRET GUEST STAR! Make plans to attend and we look forward to seeing you!

Guitar Lessons:

David will be ready to resume teaching on Aug 1 2015. Explore the amazing world of guitar and bring out the artist in yourself, or just learn to have fun with 3 chords and the truth. You know you've always wanted to learn, and there's no time like right now to give it a try. Learn the basics or expand your skill set. Learn your favorite songs or learn to write your own. Learn from a pro who's been doing it for over 30 years. Contact David at dwgtv@comcast.net to discuss pricing and schedule.


Super Secret!

A Benefit Concert for David Glaser